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Bodnar w Izraelu - "Magic Realism & Real Magic"

Bodnar w Izraelu - "Magic Realism & Real Magic"

Bardzo mi miło poinformować, że moje prace zawisną w Tel -Aviv'ie razem z pracami izraelskich i niemieckich Twórców. 
Szczegóły poniżej:

Opening date: October 21th, 19:00

    The exhibition "Magic Realism & Real Magic" presents 100 artworks - 100 fantasies from 10 photo-artists from Israel, Germany and Poland.

In Magic Realism, the boundaries between reality and fantasy disappear. With photography and Digital Art, the artists have created a new reality of intuitive characters and metaphors.  In this reality, the routine shades of gray are replaced by new vivid colors. There you can find yourself in another time or space and dive into the world of fairy-tale magic, surreal paradoxes, the grotesqueness and the absurd.

Magic reality is a world without borders, where after peeling the layers of everyday life we can see the inner beauty of our souls. In the exhibition you will not find loud pathos. These artworks are like a soft whisper that penetrates the soul deeper than the loudest scream. There is hope inside them and never anger or hatred.

The exhibition "Magic Realism & Real Magic" is a continuation (but not a repeat) of the exhibition "Three Women - Three Worlds", which was a great success.
Welcome to the exhibition of photo-painting, where you will find many new exciting discoveries. We invite everyone who loves photography and painting and is open to new and unique experiences...

The list of artists in alphabet order:

Alexei Even -                Israel
Anke Merzbach -          Germany
Anna Bodnar -              Poland
Daria Hudiakov -           Israel
Dina Bova -                  Israel
Gabriela Boleslavsky -    Israel
Hugo Romano -             Israel
Katerina Lomonosov -    Israel
Michael Cohen -            Israel
Victor Zamanski -          Israel

 Tel-Aviv University access Map:
Gate 7 ( Frankel main gate) is accessed from
Haim Levanon street
Gate 5 (Josef Kryss gate) is accessed from George Wise street

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